Before your first visit to CVC

We always want to make sure we are right for your family and your health concerns, but make sure you are a good fit for our care as well! The First Steps to starting care at Clear View is a virtual or phone consultation where we briefly go over your health struggles and future goals making sure 1) we can help and 2) we are a great fit!

After your initial consultation, our team will send you the link to our online paperwork via text or email! Before you and your family's first visit, we strongly recommend that every individual completes the paperwork in full detail. It is imperative for us to know your health concerns & major pain points so that we can serve you with the best are that you and your family deserve.

Your first visit to CVC

During your first visit, the doctor will take time to sit down and listen to your health concerns in-depth. This will give the doctor the opportunity to fully understand your health goals and to better connect with you and your family! After this portion of the appointment, we will perform a detailed assessment of your nervous system utilizing our INSIGHT CLA Scans, along with some specific digital x-ray images, depending on the case.​

We will cover the results of these scans and present a care plan that is objectively based on those results, We will cover financial options at this visit. And yes, you will be getting your first adjustment! This kicks off your Restorative Phase of Care! Once we see your body restore new and health neurological patterns, as well as maintain them, we will transition you into your Wellness Phase of Care.

The first appointment will range from 30-60 minutes, and the investment is $195*. Every visit** after that is typically less than 5-10 minutes. If you have any concerns or you or your family need special accommodations, please reach out! We try to make our office as safe and as comfortable for everyone!

We are a cash based office and we are currently NOT IN NETWORK WITH INSURNACE,

but can provide a Superbill to send to your insurance provider. 

We accept cash, check, credit/debt, and HSA/Flex Spending.

Our care plans can be split into monthly payments to be more affordable for families.

*Initial scans and x-rays for 1 individual. 

** Adjustments are $50, Insight Scans are $60