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It's Time for A Change

Updated: Mar 19

As parents, having an understanding of natural health can honestly be both exciting and scary! It’s exciting because it means that we know there are other options besides medications that are prescribed far too often for our children. But it’s also a bit scary because it truly means we have more control and say in the outcome than we once thought! 😳

But have no fear mom and dad, our Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Event is here! 🎉

First, let’s look at our current realities. For 90% or more of us starting out, we honestly don’t even know we have more than one choice when it comes to health guidance and health care for our family.

Heck, to even get checked out of the hospital (if you chose to have your baby there, also a choice) they require you to have a Pediatrician 👨‍⚕️ come and give your child an exam and recommendations. Right there, it ingrains in most parents that when it comes to the health of that baby, you are not in charge… the doctor is. ❌

Well, let’s look where that has landed us:

Just one look at that graphic tells us one thing - we need to go in a different direction. Which also means, we need a different guide. We strongly believe that the most important step in your journey to raise heathy kids, naturally is to Choose the Right Guide(s)! Which is why we're so incredibly excited to have Dr. Chris Rodgers from Clear View Chiropractic April 14th, Thursday, for Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally.

Trusting traditional medicine 💊and the average pediatrician with the health of our children has led us down the path of now having the sickest 🤒, most susceptible generation of kids in history. It's time for a change and we hope you'll join us Tuesday night to learn step by step how to do just that!

It’s time our families have multiple guides (doctors, professionals) who can help lead our kids to full, vibrant health… instead of just relying on one! It’s time we find doctors and professionals who understand their role and work in a coordinated, open-minded fashion with other experts and professionals for the best possible health outcomes for our family!

Get registered for our ‘Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally’ Workshop to learn even more about the Natural Approach to health by registering HERE.

God bless and be well ❤️,

The CVC Care Team

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