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First let us start by saying THANK YOU.

It is because of YOU that we wake up every day wanting to bring specific scientific corrective chiropractic care to everyone in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ok.. on to the reason for this post.

This is where we will share interesting things about the world in which we live and chiropractic, things you might know could relate to what we do in our office at Clear View. Here is where we will try to connect you, the reader, to the facts behind what you may be looking and searching for. So going forward, if you are looking for a certain type of topic, or want us to talk on something in particular, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

This entry is more on the line of what is happening at the office, when will the doors be open, where can we see you guys out in the community etc etc etc... SO LETS GET TO IT


Walls are going up, and should be done here in the next couple of days! It has been a journey from an empty open floor plan, to the walls that build the rooms where we will change so many lives with specific scientific chiropractic corrective care!

(view from left side of entrance looking at the front desk and waiting room area)


We are more than just serving inside of our four walls. To have the biggest impact on the community, we believe that we need to go out and meet people where they are at! That is why we do many events in the community, and are CURRENTLY LOOKING TO PARTNER WITH LOCAL NON-PROFITS, SCHOOLS, AND/OR CHURCHES for any drives that they do throughout the year!

Below is a list of events where you can find us out sharing the message of Chiropractic to the area:

- July 11th: Chamber of St. Matthews Business Expo

- July 13th: Simpsonville Farmers Market

- July 14th: Meet Me At The Altar Wedding Show

- July 19th: Oldham County Days

- July 19th: Simpsonville Farmers Market

- July 27th: Summer Family Fun Fest

- July 27th: Simpsonville Farmers Market

" Medicine is about disease and what makes people die. Chiropractic is about life and what makes people live. "    

B. J. Palmer

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