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Women growing tiny humans are our specialty. During this time we want you to feel supported and heard. As well as getting adjusted we have some trusted people we use as resources and referrals to help get you the support you need!  We want to help restore balance to your pelvis to give baby the room to grow and thrive. By removing interference we restore optimal functioning of your nervous system so that baby can grow and develop properly. Getting adjusted also helps to decrease discomfort usually associated with pregnancy as well as labor .




Healing and recovery is a process that takes time!  This transition into motherhood comes with changes physically, emotionally, and chemically. Chiropractic care aids the body adapt in its ability to adapt to all the major changes that come with the transition into motherhood. Chiropractic care not only makes the recovery time easier, but also aids to reduce discomfort caused by poor posture during breast feeding, picking up or holding baby.  



Childhood is one of the most physically demanding times of our life.  The amount of rapid change that happens within the body is amazing to experience. 65% of neurological development (development of the brain and nervous system) occurs in your child's first year of life. Starting with the birthing process as well as the countless falls and trips that come along with learning to crawl, walk, and run we know that kids encounter lots of trauma Chiropractic is a safe, very gentle approach to full child wellness. Newborns should be among the first to be checked for spinal misalignment to remove nerve dysfunction induced through labor and delivery.  Chiropractic adjustments for adults are very different from those performed on newborns.  The pressure placed on the child's spine is no more than the pressure you check the ripeness of an avocado with.

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Spectrum Kiddos & ADD/ADHD

The biggest way we help with these challenges is that we allow the most important system of my body, your child’s body…the nervous system to get out of a sympathetic or stressed out state… the fight or flight state to a parasympathetic state that allows for growth and development, connection and resting. Adjustments go straight to the source of what was causing your brain to stay ‘stuck’ in that stressed and disconnected state, that sympathetic state. When your nervous system is more connected you can adapt better to your environment. Your child will be better able to turn down the “volume” of their environment. Your child isn’t broken or missing anything, everything they need is within them! We are just helping to unlock what right within them!


Help Yourself and Your Child Get Off to a Healthy Start in Life

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